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Lightweight Stalker Ghillie Poncho

Lightweight Stalker Ghillie Poncho

$ 94.99

The Lightweight Stalker Ghillie Poncho is great for hunting predators or when you plan to stay in one spot for a long time. This ghillie suit is great for crawling since the front of the legs and waist is left open. It provides full concealment when laying down or crawling. This suit includes separate sleeves and an attached hood. It is composed of synthetic thread tied onto a base of 1" by 1" nylon netting.

The synthetic thread can be trimmed to fit anyone 6' 6" tall or less. As an alternative, this ghillie poncho can be attached to Battle Dress Uniforms to create a sniper ghillie suit.

This poncho is the lightweight version of the Stalker Ghillie Poncho. It is made with the lighter weight synthetic thread instead of jute thread. This ghillie suit weighs around 1.5 lbs.

The Lightweight Sniper BDU Ghillie Pants can be used with this suit for more intense crawling.

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