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Large Jute Ghillie Kit

Large Jute Ghillie Kit

$ 71.99

This ghillie kit comes complete with everything you need to build the popular Ghillie Poncho, or build the Stalker suit by removing the front portion.

Kit Materials
  • One 5' x 9' nylon netting (1" by 1" squares).
  • Seven one-pound bundles of jute thread (7 lbs total).
  • Complete directions on how to build the Ghillie Poncho or the Stalker Ghillie Poncho.
Available Color Patterns
  • Woodland: Dark Green (2 lbs), Olive Green (2 lbs), Brown (2 lbs), Black (1 lb)
  • Leafy: Lime Green (3 lbs), Light Olive (2 lbs), Dark Green (1 lb), Olive Green (1 lb)
  • Mossy: Gray (3 lbs), Brown (2 lbs), Olive Green (1 lb), Light Olive (1 lb)
  • Desert: Black (1 lb), Brown (1 lb), Tan (5 lbs)

When finished building this kit into the Poncho, the suit will have full sleeves for arms, and an attached hood. Build your own today. Kit takes about 7 hours to complete.

Includes One (1 lb.) bag of Dry Fire-retardant.

Ships under product name Ghillie Suit Kit.

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