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The Paintball Sniper: Declassifed

How to Paintball Ghillie

The word "sniper" is usually associated with an image of a soldier waiting patiently for long periods of time and making extremely slow movements to prepare for a difficult long range shot. But in paintball, snipers must adjust their tactics. Long range shooting in paintball is difficult due to the ammo itself. Nevertheless, having a good strategy and wearing the best camouflage available are keys to being a successful paintball sniper.

Paintball Ammo and Snipers

Accuracy and range are not strong features of a paintball sniper rifle because of the size and density of paintball ammo. Usually paintball sniper rifles will either fire longer or more accurately, but rarely both. Some paintball guns are built with a longer barrel that increases the range of fire, but these paintball barrels fire at an arc trajectory forcing players to aim higher for long distance shots. Compensating for an arc trajectory makes long range shooting tricky and renders a rifle scopes useless. Other paintball sniper rifles fire at a flat trajectory by putting backspin on the paintball. But backspin slows down the paintball at the very end of its path, resulting in less accuracy at longer ranges.

Traditionally, a sniper relies on patience and waits for the perfect moment to take the shot. However, snipers must keep up with the fast pace of paintball and be constantly on the move. The rapid pace action of paintball means snipers are more likely to be discovered if they stay at one location for too long. Changing locations often keeps enemies from flanking a sniper's position. The lower accuracy and range of markers suggest paintball snipers should take risks when choosing an effective location to shoot from.

Definition of a Paintball Sniper

Because of the accuracy and shorter firing ranges of paintball markers, players must abandon the conventional sniper tactics of long range shooting and remaining stationary for long periods of time. A sniper in paintball can be redefined as a well concealed player that eliminates players while remaining undetected, but doing so at short distances and frequently changing locations. A paintball sniper must practice stealth and have a keen sense of where opponents will approach from. Camouflage is an extremely important factor to remain undetected, and paintball snipers wear ghillie suits to appear as part of the landscape and use the element of surprise against their opponents.

Recommended Paintball Ghillie Suits

Since a sniper in paintball changes his location often, the best paintball ghillie suits are ones built for mobility. These suits must be lightweight and provide easy free range of motion. A paintball player must choose ghillie suit color patterns that blends in with the terrain of the playing field. Natural foliage can be added to increase the realistic effect of the ghillie suit.

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Paintball Sniper Tactics

The best strategy using a paintball ghillie suit is a tactical approach. Instead of advancing on your opponents, strategically choose a location and wait for opponents to move into your range of fire. If a large group of opponents arrive, eliminate only one or two with a limited number of shots and let the others pass by. Taking on large groups of players without exposing your position would difficult. Fire only when players are not looking towards you, and hold your position after each shot to avoid being spotted. Limit the number of shots fired since each shot is a give-away to your location. It's better to pick off one or two enemies at a time than taking on an entire squad at once.

After the opposing squad or players pass by, consider changing locations. Never stay at one location for too long, other players will eventually work together to spot your position. If possible, scout out multiple shooting locations before the game starts. Choosing a hilltop or other higher ground to snipe from can provide better vision of the field. However, never climb a tree for an elevated position. Falling from a tree can result in serious injury. Trees can provide a better view, but a player can easily be flanked by opponents while in a tree since there is no definite escape route.


The sniper is a fun and popular position in paintball. Consistently shooting opponents and then disappearing without a trace proves to be nerve wrecking to enemy forces. The less accuracy and shorter firing ranges of markers means paintball snipers must take risks and change locations often to avoid enemy detection. A good strategy and the ability for a player to blend in with the surrounding vegetation are important factors to be an effective paintball sniper. Paintball ghillie suits provide players with the ultimate outdoor concealment, allowing them to dominate the competition.

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