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Skills of a Top Airsoft Sniper

Airsoft How to

An airsoft sniper is a fun and important role that can have a tremendous impact on an airsoft game. Snipers can be directed by commanders or squad leaders to provide support fire from a certain position, strategically take out enemy foot soldiers, defend a specific area or perimeter, or even cross enemy lines to assassinate a high ranking target. In addition to precision long range shooting, a top sniper must master the tactics of concealment and stealth.


Airsoft Sniper

Concealment is a major factor in being a successful sniper. A ghillie suit is the most effective tool worn by snipers for adapting to the surrounding vegetation and not revealing their position.  Airsoft ghillie suits can be found in a variety of color patterns that can match up with any playing field. Team members who intend to make intense long crawls should consider wearing a sniper style ghillie jacket and pants combination, since the front of these suits are reinforced for extra durability. In addition to wearing a ghillie suit, experienced snipers will choose unlikely locations that provide good cover and a great field of view. Many airsoft snipers also tie natural foliage to their ghillie suit for enhanced camouflage.


Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Snipers are experts of stealth, moving slowly and covertly to avoid detection by enemy forces. Long crawls under and through vegetation are necessary to avoid being detected. To make these intense crawling and sliding movements, snipers wear ghillie suits with reinforced padding to the front for extra durablilty. They avoid twigs and other debris that could make loud noises and possibly give away their position.

Experienced snipers choose unlikely locations to shoot from that provide good cover and field of view. When in position, airsoft snipers must be calm under fire. The best airsoft snipers are ones that don't flinch when random return shots are flying by. Snipers always plan at least one escape route in case their position is compromised.

Long Range Shooting

Skilled airsoft snipers practice long range shooting in different wind and temperatures to study how weather affects their shots. Snipers know their weapon inside and out. They determine the maximum range of their rifle and learn to make adjustments to hit long range targets. An airsoft sniper must keep a light trigger and practice proper breathing techniques to remain calm under pressure. Great snipers also spend a lot of time shooting their weapon while wearing their ghillie suit, as they would in the field.

A sniper understands that patience is a strong virtue. On the playing field, the best airsoft snipers prioritize a group of targets by rank. They will shoot squad leaders and other high ranking enemies first. Snipers are very accurate long range shooters and limit the number of shots fired. The more shots taken, the more signals of a sniper's location are given off to enemy forces. The total number of shots fired can result in a failed or successful mission. In addition to a sniper rifle, many airsoft snipers carry a sidearm as a backup and for close encounters with opposing forces.

Airsoft snipers should stay in a single spot for very long. Snipers know the opposing team will eventually figure out their position and try to flank your location. After eliminating many targets, a sniper will keep the element of surprise and move to a new shooting location unless otherwise directed by their commanding officer..

In Summary

The sniper is an important role on an airsoft team and can make a huge impact in a game. With the proper camouflage clothing and sniper skills, sniping in airsoft can be extremely fun and rewarding. A sniper is a master of stealth when moving to locations. To remain concealed, snipers wear airsoft ghillie suits to blend in with the local vegetation. A great airsoft sniper fully understands the capability of his rifle and is an expert in long range shooting.

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