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Customizing Your Ghillie Suit for Bow Hunting

Ghillie Suits for Hunting How to

Ghillie suits are extremely effective for bow hunters that hunt from the ground and shoot from close range. They can distort the human outline and blend in with a hunter's environment better than any camouflage clothing. There are many types of ghillie suits available and even kits to build your own suit. Here are some important tips to remember before wearing a ghillie suit on your next hunt.

Customize Your Suit

Customized Bow Hunting Ghillie SuitCustomizing your ghillie suit is a personal preference. Some hunters will remove all of the ghillie thread from their chest and bow arm area, while some might feel that no customizations are needed at all. Just trim the amount of ghillie material you are comfortable with. Some ghillie suits are pre-modified for shooting an arrow, such as the
Bow Hunting Ghillie Jacket.A ghillie suit can easily be customized for bow hunting so that material will not interfere with shooting an arrow. Put on your ghillie suit and draw your bow while you are sitting and standing like you would during a hunt. Use scissors to trim away any material that might get in the path of the bow string. Only cut away material on the underside of your bow arm and upper chest area. Use caution when trimming material. If you cut too much off though, you can always add more back to it later. In addition to trimming the ghillie material, a camouflage arm guard can be worn to help keep loose material out of the way.

Have a Clear Line of Sight

You have to be able to see the target clearly. Be sure trim or tie back any thread and material on your head covering that might obstruct your line of sight.

Add Local Vegetation

When you get to your hunting location, add vegetation from the surrounding area. Use fishing line or twine to tie on grass, leaves, or even small branches to the suit. You can also insert foliage directly into the suit's inner netting.

Hide Your Face & Hands

Any exposed skin color can give off a danger signal to game. Be sure to hide your face and hands by wearing gloves and a face veil. Putting on camouflage paint can be a good alternative.


Ghillie suits bring excitement to a hunt while making a hunter virtually invisible. The amount of customization to a ghillie suit varies among hunters. Don't forget to cover your hands and face to fully camouflage your entire body.

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