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Using a Ghillie Suit for Hunting

Ghillie Suits for Hunting

Hunter in a Ghillie Suit

Camouflage is an extremely important part of a successful hunt. Hunters wear camouflage to break up their human outline and blend in with their surroundings. Many hunters wear ghilllie suits since they distort their outline and blend in with their natural environment better than any type of hunting clothing. Ghillie suits allow hunters to virtually hunt from any location.

The distortion of the human figure and the three-dimensional effect of the ghillie suit provide the ultimate concealment to a hunter. The outer layers, composed of natural jute or synthetic thread, create shading that greatly increases the color contrast of the camouflage pattern. In the field, a hunter wearing a ghillie suit becomes a three-dimensional illusion that is equally effective at both close and long ranges.

The Best Ghillie Suit for Hunting

This is a common question among hunters, but there is no "one ghillie suit fits all" solution. There are various types of ghillie suits including ponchos and jacket and pant combinations, all of them include a head covering or a hood. Generally, the comfort level, smell, and color pattern are the most important factors to consider when choosing a ghillie suit for hunting.

Ghillie suits must be comfortable since hunters must remain still for long periods of time. In addition, hunters must be able to freely move their upper body for taking aim at game. Any distractions could cause unnecessary movements that could easily give away a hunter's presence. Most ghillie suits are made with synthetic thread or natural jute thread, and synthetic thread is less than half the weight of jute thread. So during warmer months, many hunters choose to wear synthetic suits since they are much lighter than jute ghillie suits.

A hunter's scent is a major factor for a successful hunt. Even though jute thread has a natural odor from jute plants, game such as whitetail deer have a keen sense of smell and can detect unusual and uncharacteristic odors from hundreds of yards away from only a slight breeze. The natural fibers of jute thread are prone to mildew after collecting moisture. However, synthetic thread is odorless and mildew resistant. For this reason, many hunters tend to favor synthetic ghillie suits.

As with any hunting apparel, the color pattern is an extremely important factor when choosing a hunting ghillie suit. Common color patterns include woodland, desert, mossy, and leafy green. Some hunters tie on vegetation to the suit to better adapt to the surrounding foliage. Ghillie suit kits are available for those looking to customize their own ghillie suit and make their own camouflage pattern. Hunting ghillie suits provide maximum concealment and allow hunters to go undetected by game.

Poncho Ghillie Poncho Ghillie Outlined

Camouflage Your Weapon

Hunters must take their weapon into account when wearing a ghillie suit. Issues to consider are the firearm's color pattern and any reflected glare. A color pattern that stands out and glare reflected off a scope or barrel can give off danger signals to game. To create a better color pattern and eliminate the problem of glare, weapons can be painted in earth tone colors or dipped to receive a camouflage pattern. Another solution is to use a ghillie rifle wrap. Many ghillie suits come with a rifle wrap or they can be purchased separately. Hunters should think of their rifle or shotgun as part of their ghilllie suit. A ghillie rifle wrap completes the entire outfit.

Bow Hunting in a Ghillie Suit

Bowhunting ghillie suit

For bow hunters, a ghillie suit must be customized for the range of motion involved when shooting an arrow. To customize a ghillie suit, first put it on and practice drawing the bow while standing, kneeling, and sitting as you would during a hunt. Use scissors to trim any loose threads or material that could get in the path of the bow string, particularly around the bow arm and chest area. Also trim or tie back any material from the hood that could obstruct your line of sight. Since the only trimmed areas include the underside of the bow arm and one side of the chest area, the ghillie suit remains very effective. Any ghillie suit can be modified for bow hunting, but some suits are specifically designed for bow hunting with no customizations needed. For more information, see our article Customizing Your Ghillie Suit for Bow Hunting.

Types of Game to Hunt

Ghillie suits are used for hunting all types of game. Since ghillie suits eliminate the need for a blind, most deer hunters wear ghillie suit for ground-level hunting to enhance the thrill of the hunt. Ghillie suits can provide excellent camouflage against a game's keen sense of vision like that of deer and turkey. Breaking up the human silhouette and adapting to the surrounding environment is imperative. Ghillie suits can be perfect for duck and geese hunters who tend to walk into hunting spots. Many waterfowl hunters roll up and carry lightweight ghillie ponchos in their packs. Since ghillie suits can adapt to range land plants and grasses better than any other type of camouflage, a ghillie suit can virtually make a hunter invisible to coyotes, bobcats, and other predators on open ranges and prairies.

Deer Turkey

In Conclusion

Hunters wear ghillie suits to break up their human silhouette and adapt to their surrounding environment. The best hunting ghillie suits are generally ones that provides the most comfort and blends in the best with a hunter's surrounding terrain. Many hunters choose ghillie suits made with synthetic thread over jute thread because they are lightweight, odorless, and mildew resistant. Ghillie suits allow hunters to go undetected and are an extremely effective tool for hunting all types of game.

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