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Advantages of a Ghillie Poncho

Introduction to Ghillie Suits

A ghillie poncho is an excellent choice for those who need mobility and speed. Even though ponchos weigh less and are cooler than traditional ghillie suits, they still provide superior camouflage.

What is a Ghillie Poncho?

Ghillie PonchoGhillie ponchos are a "one size fits all" outfit but vary in length. Some cover your upper torso, while others extend down to your feet and provide full body camouflage. Full-length ponchos generally come with ghillie material to spare and can be trimmed to your desired height. They are lightweight and can keep you cooler than a traditional ghillie suit.
A ghillie poncho has a hood and arm sleeves similar to a jacket. The main difference is a poncho has no front buttons or zipper. It is put on by pulling it over the top of your head. It has no belt loops and does not attach to your lower body.

Using a Poncho in Airsoft and Paintball

Many snipers in paintball and airsoft tend to wear full body ghillie suits. But other players wear ghillie ponchos that only cover their upper body. These ponchos weigh less than other ghillie suits and allow players to remain fast and mobile during the game. Ponchos can be put on and taken off quickly, so a paintball player could be a sniper during one game and another position for the next.

Hunting with a Ghillie Poncho

Ghillie BlindPonchos are also popular with hunters because they are portable. They can be rolled up and fit easily into most backpacks. They also can be stored behind the seat or in the trunk of a car. Ponchos are great for hunters who might walk into great unexpected hunting spots and need instant ghillie camouflage.
Ghillie ponchos turn hunters into virtual illusions and allow them to remain undetected by game. Full-length ponchos are an excellent choice for hunters who tend to be stationary for long periods of time, such as when calling predators or turkeys. Those who stalk game might wear a poncho that only covers the upper body and provides greater mobility. These ponchos can also be used in combination with a ground blind.

For more information about hunting in a ghillie suit, see the Ghillie Suit Depot article Using a Ghillie Suit for Hunting.


A Ghillie poncho provides outstanding camouflage and excellent mobility. Ghillie ponchos are used in paintball, airsoft, and hunting. They can be worn year-round, but are a great choice in the summer months.

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