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How to Make a Ghillie Suit - Part 10: Conclusion

Ghillie Suit Kit How to


We hoped you found this tutorial for making a ghillie suit beneficial. It is not the "definite guide" by any means, but hopefully it can serve as a good example.

Using a ghillie suit kit, you can make a high quality ghillie suit at a fraction of the cost. Building your own homemade ghillie suit takes time, but can also be very rewarding.

What Can Be Added

There's alway's room for improvement. Here's a list of things we could add to this ghillie suit:

  1. Thumb Loops: Thumbs loops could've been added to prevent the jacket sleeves from riding up you arm when crawling. These loops are small straps attached to each cuff and wraps around the thumb to secure the sleeve.
  2. Stirrups: Stirrups prevent the pant legs from moving when crawling backwards. A stirrup is a strap sewn to the bottom of the pant leg and loops around your foot.
  3. Thicker Padding: The rug pad provides some extra reinforcement on the front, but thicker padding would definitely improve this ghillie suit.


Here are some photos of our completed sniper ghillie suit:


Do you have a great photo of your ghillie suit? Send us a photo and we'll post it on our website.


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