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How to Make a Ghillie Suit - Part 8: Tie on the Thread

Ghillie Suit Kit How to

Tie on the Ghillie Thread

Types of Knots

Use a simple overhand knot or a mounting knot for tying ghillie thread to the netting. An overhand knot is the first half of tying your shoe. Only one is needed to fasten down the thread. The alternative is the mounting knot. Bring a loop of the threads around the netting, and then pull the slack through the loop.


Number of Knots

Some ghillie suits are made with thread tied to every square of netting. Others have larger amounts of thread tied to every few squares. Tying a knot to every square will certainly take longer. To start out, we recommend you tie 5 to 7 threads every few squares. Then you can keep going back and add more until you are satisfied with the frequency of knots and amount of thread.

Add the Base Color

The base color thread should be tied to the jacket, pants, hood, and rifle wrap at the same time. This way you make sure there is enough base color for the entire outfit.

Attach the base color in layers. Start by tying 5 to 7 strands every 3 or 4 squares. The knots don't have to be in a consistent pattern. Check on how much base color is being used as you go. When finished with the first layer, review the suit and how much base color thread is left. Start filling in bare spots with additional layers. Stop when you are satisfied with the level of base color throughout the suit.

Add the Other Colors

Use the other colors to add contrast to the suit. Start with colors that are closer to the base color. There is no rule for the number of knots and amount of thread to apply for the other colors. Take your time and create a color pattern that will best blend in with your environment.

For our ghillie suit, we began tying threads of Light Olive after we finished with our base color of Forest Green. We only added small amounts of Brown and Dark Green and seldom used the Tan thread. Most of the Tan thread was saved for later to be used for lightening up the suit if needed.

Trim Unwanted Thread

Ghillie thread needs to be trimmed at the bottom of each pant leg. If not cut off, a large amount of thread could drag the ground as you walk. Try on the pants and trim away the amount you are confortable with.

Leftover Thread

We used nearly all 3 bundles of our base color thread for the BDU jacket and pants, the hood, and the rifle wrap. It's a good idea to save some of your base color for later use if needed. We had a large amount of leftover thread from the other colors. This thread can be used later if we decide to add more contrast to our ghillie suit.


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