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How to Make a Ghillie Suit - Part 7: Create the Hood and Rifle Wrap

Ghillie Suit Kit How to

Cut out the Hood

For our ghillie suit, the hood was simply a piece of netting cut to a specific pattern. The size of a hood was shaped to extend from shoulder to shoulder and over the face. The photo below shows the width and length of the hood that forms an oval shaped pattern. Note this hood was made to fit a Large-Regular BDU Jacket. The size of the hood could vary with the size of your jacket. Also be sure that you cut enough netting to go over your face.

Ghillie thread will be tied onto the hood and jacket at the end of the tutorial. It's a lot easier to tie the thread onto the netting when the hood is detached. So wait to attach the hood until all ghillie thread has been tied on. The hood will be attached to the jacket in Part 9.

An alternative to making a hood is to attach netting and ghillie thread to a boonie hat. Make sure the ghillie material extends far enough down off the hat to distort your outline.

Cut out the Rifle Wrap

A rifle wrap is a great way to blend in your weapon with the rest of the suit. The remaining pieces of netting were used to make a ghillie rifle wrap. We had to use 3 individual pieces of netting to form a 5" by 72" piece. We used ghillie thread to join all 3 pieces together.


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