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How to Make a Ghillie Suit - Part 6: Reinforce the Front

Ghillie Suit Kit How to

Add Padding to the Front

It is a good idea to reinforce sniper ghillie suits with extra padding for crawling and sliding movements. Padding makes it easier to move over rough terrain without being detected.

Before you do any cutting or gluing, put on your BDU jacket and pants and figure out exactly what areas you would like to protect. Crawl and slide around in your BDUs and determine what areas will need padding. For our sniper ghillie suit, padding will be added under the arms and to the front of the pants.


For the padding, choose a material that can add support but does not absorb too much moisture. We chose to use a rug pad. The rug pad will add the amount of protection we need and can be trimmed easily.

The padding will be sealed up with other fabric. Using fabric in the same camouflage pattern as your BDUs is not mandatory. We found a used "Walls Water-Pruf™ Breathable Jacket" at a garage sale for $3.00. The fabric is tough, waterproof, and uses Real Tree™ camouflage.

Add Padding to the Pants

We first had to cut out large pieces of fabric from the Walls jacket. Lay your fabric over each pant leg. Cut out pieces of fabric to match the shapes of the areas that need padding.

Use a marker to draw the shapes of the fabric onto the padding. Cut out the padding, but cut about a half inch inside of the line you drew with the marker. The will guarantee the padding will be smaller and can be sealed by the fabric.

Lay down your fabric over BDU sleeves to double check the shape. Make any final cuts to your fabric and padding if needed. Glue the padding to the back of the fabric using Shoe GOO®. Let them dry for a few minutes.

Glue the bonded fabric and padding to each pant leg. Apply a solid line of glue around the entire perimeter of the fabric. Also use plenty of glue on the rest of the padding. These areas will endure the most wear and tear. A solid bond is needed throughout the padding.

Add Padding to the Jacket

We chose to add padding to under the arms, but not to the front of the BDU jacket. The reason is that when crawling in a ghillie suit, we mainly use our elbows and knees, and only sometimes slide on our chest. We also like having easy access to the front cargo pockets. If you feel you might do some intense sliding, then extra padding to the front chest area wouldn't hurt.

Adding padding to the jacket sleeves is identical to adding padding to the pants. Follow the process from above for each BDU jacket sleeve.


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