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How to Make a Ghillie Suit - Part 5: Prepare the Pants

Ghillie Suit Kit How to

Prepare the Pants

Attaching the netting to the BDU pants will involve the following steps. Theses steps will need to be repeated for each pant leg:

  1. Cut out the netting.
  2. Secure the netting to the pants.
  3. Glue on the netting to the pants.

Cut Out the Netting

Lay your netting over one of the pant legs. Line up the netting with the outer side of the pant leg. Cut a rectangular piece of netting that more than covers the entire pant leg. This piece should start 5" from the bottom of the pant leg and extend to near the opening of the back pocket. It should also have 2 to 3 squares hang over the outer side.

Secure the Netting

To secure the netting, first apply safety pins every 5 or 6 squares along the perimeter of the pant leg. Don't worry about the slack that hangs off the inner side, it will be removed later on. For the rest of the pant leg, apply pins or use your needle to sew stitches of dental floss every 5 to 6 squares.

Flip the pants over and fold over the netting on the outer and inner side of the pant leg. Trim away any netting that blocks access to the front pockets. Then trim any netting past the seam on the inner side of the pant leg. Now secure the netting with safety pins or dental floss.

Glue the Netting

Gluing the netting to the BDU pants is nearly identical to how we did the jacket. If any dental floss was sewn, trim any strands above the knots. Start of the back of the pants. Dab a small amount of Shoo GOO® on each knot to prevent them from coming loose. Then apply blobs of glue every 3 or 4 squares. Let them dry of a few minutes then turn the pants over. Repeat the process for the front of the pants.

Tying on the Ghillie Thread

We will attach the ghillie thread to the pants in Part 8 when the hood, ghillie pants, and ghillie rifle wrap is ready.


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