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How to Make a Ghillie Suit - Part 1: Getting Started

Ghillie Suit Kit How to

This tutorial shows how to make a ghillie suit using a military jacket and pants, a ghillie suit kit, and common household items. There are many ways to make a homemade ghillie suit, so this tutorial was written to serve as an example for our visitors. Please apply it as you see fit. It does not use or outline any manufacturer procedures or guidelines.

Here is the ghillie suit made during this tutorial:


Homemade Ghillie Jacket
Homemade Ghillie Pants

Pros and Cons of Making Your Own

The main advantage of making your own ghillie suit is cost. Constructing your own suit is a lot cheaper than buying one at retail price. The biggest disadvantage is the time involved. Building your own suit takes patience and dedication. Many people wonder about the time involved. Be prepared to spend 20 to 40 hours working on your suit.

Supplies We Used

The following list of supplies was used to explain how to make a ghillie suit. Use this list as an guide for estimating your costs. You probably won't have to purchase everything on this list, many of them are common items found around your house.

Supplies for Making a Sniper Ghillie Suit
Total Cost
Ghillie Suit Kit
1 Kit
Battle Dress Uniforms
1 Used Jacket and Pants Set
Safety Pins
1 Box of 40 Pins
Shoe GOO®
3 Tubes
1 Pair
Sewing Needle
1 Box of Assorted Needles
Dental Floss
1 Container of 55 yards
Permenant Marker
1 Marker
Measuring Tape or Ruler
1 Ruler
Padding to Reinforce Suit
1 Rug Pad, 2' by 8'
Fabric to Cover Padding
1 Used Jacket

Why Use a Ghillie Suit Kit?

Ghillie suit kits provide the core materials needed to build a homemade ghillie suit. Each kit includes nylon netting and several bundles of ghillie thread available in multiple colors patterns. On some kits, you can even create a custom color pattern by picking your own colors. Choosing your own colors can help personalize your suit and better adapt to your own surroundings.

Choose the Type of Ghillie Suit

Before deciding on a ghillie suit kit, you much determine what type of suit you plan to make. Ghillie suit kits include directions to build a ghillie poncho, or you can use the materials to construct a military-style ghillie suit. Choose the type of suit that is best for you.


Ponchos are one-piece outfits worn by pulling over your head. They are usually constructed by tying thread to an inner base of nylon netting. Most poncho designs include arm sleeves and a hood, can cover the entire body, and are simpler to make. Full-length ghillie ponchos have a loose fit and are not recommended if you plan to move around a lot. However, they can be great for hunters who tend to stay in one location, as in turkey or duck hunting. If you choose to make a poncho, most ghillie suits kits come with complete instructions on how to build one.

Military Ghillie Suits

Military ghillie suits are built using Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs) as the inner base. BDUs are jackets and pants worn by the armed forces. They are durable and available in multiple camouflage patterns. Military-style ghilie suits are made by tying ghillie thread onto nylon netting, and then the nylon netting is attached onto the BDUs. A military ghillie suit is a great choice for hunters who move around during their hunt and still need full-body cover. Using BDUs is a popular method to make a homemade ghillie suit.

Sniper Ghillie Suits

Some military ghillie suits are built for crawling, sliding, and shooting from the prone position. These are known as sniper-style ghillie suits. On sniper ghillie suits, material is attached only to the back of the BDU jacket and pants. Areas in the front are reinforced with extra padding for long sniper crawls. A sniper ghillie suit provides great mobility and is popular among airsoft players.

This tutorial on how to make a ghillie suit will explain how to construct a sniper-style suit. If you need full-body ghillie cover, ignore the steps that involve adding reinforced padding to the front of the suit. Instead, cover the entire BDU jacket and pants with ghillie thread.


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